get your feet wet

To kick off production season, for a limited time, we offering a discounted package for those of you that are looking to test the waters with promoting your business. We promise that with our stunning visuals and creative ad-copy, you’ll find the experience as refreshing as cool swim on hot summer day.

Starting at $450 for a 15 sec edited video

The Straight Pitch

Show the world how amazing you are and streamline your social media management with a promo video package that’s as unique as you.

We make the process easy and fun by providing the resources you need including a skilled videographer, camera, and sound equipment. We guarantee your video will look beautiful, sound great, and communicate effectively while being fun to watch. Our skilled staff and top of the line equipment guarantee a low key setting that makes a sometimes intimidating task into a rewarding experience for both you and your business.

 Starting at $650 

A. 3 x 6 sec edited videos

B. 2 x 15 sec edited videos

C. 1 x 30 sec edited video

D. 25 x edited stills


The Explainer

Have an original product or service that needs a succinct description to be fully appreciated? This is the package for you. Short, illustrative and effective communication that delivers just the right amount of information.

Starting at $ 1150 for a 1 min. edited video


Bragging Rights

Let’s make something truly wonderful and memorable with an original narrative story-line and cinematic visuals. Your mom will be so proud she’ll brag about you at cocktail parties… To your next big client.

Starting at $2300


Custom Music: Starting @$ 200 Starting

Actors/ Models: Starting @ $300/actor

Specialty lighting: Starting @$250

Premium Sound Recording: Starting @ $100

Professional Market Analysis and Identification

Audience Testing

Multi-platform campaign plan