The Straight Pitch

Enhance your online presence and streamline your social media tasks with a simple and honest pitch video that shows the world why what you do is amazing.

We make the process easy and fun by providing the resources you need including a skilled videographer, camera, and sound equipment. We guarantee your video will look beautiful, sound great, and communicate effectively while being fun to watch. Our skilled staff and top of the line equipment guarantee a low key setting that makes a sometimes intimidating task into a rewarding experience for both you and your business.

 Starting at $650 


The Enhanced Pitch

Bring your pitch game to the next level with the Enhanced Pitch. We take out all the guess work by helping you write the script, enhancing your look with cinematic lighting, a professional stylist, and top of the line camera. We can even hire a handsome actor, or an enchanting actress to represent your brand for you if you're feeling a little shy. 

Starting at $1150


Bragging Rights

Let's make something amazing and original. Let's make something so awesome you're mom will brag about you at cocktail parties to your next big client and your ex girlfriend will wish she never dumped you over your polkadot sock collection. Lets make consumers out of penny pinchers and clients out of competitors by showing the world the creativity and dedication that makes your product or service the best there is.

Totally! right? but how? Well lets start by sitting down and talking about your vision. Then let our team of amazing creatives devise a truly unique concept or campaign to launch your business or product into the world in a truly exciting way. This campaign will not only make you irresistible, it will make those that buy into your business proud to be associated with it. They will brag to others, and soon enough the frenzy will begin and all you'll have to do is figure out how to keep up with demand.

Starting at $2300